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Why Shea Anne Studios?

DALLAS HEADSHOTS You have a unique look. The industry is competitive, and you want to stand out to casting directors and agencies. You know that all you need is an updated headshot. You want the best headshot photographer near you, but is Shea Anne Studios the right fit?   Let’s talk about it. Shea Anne has the unique background of not only being an incredible  [READ MORE]

When was the last time you updated your headshot?

DALLAS & ORANGE COUNTY ACTING HEADSHOTS Has it been 6 months to a year since your last headshots? How often do you need a new headshot? Having an updated headshot is crucial in this industry! What if you received the call you've been looking for and the headshot you have is outdated?!? A professional headshot shows agencies that you are a professional! Yes, it really  [READ MORE]

Q & A and acting character types with Dallas stylist Ashley

DALLAS KIDS HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHERAshley is a Dallas-based freelance fashion and product stylist represented by The Clutts Agency. She also offers personal styling and virtual styling sessions. Her clients include Neiman Marcus and JCPenney among others, and she loves styling kids/teens! Website: www.ashleynstyling.com IG handle @ashleynstyling Kids portfolio: http://www.ashleynstyling.com/kids/ How long have you been styling? I have been a stylist since the fall of 2017. So,  [READ MORE]

How often should you update your kid’s headshot and/or portfolio?

DALLAS ACTING HEADSHOTSAh! We always get asked how often you should update your child’s portfolio. The most universal answer is, it depends on your child or your industry. Our team of best photographers in Dallas and best photographers in Orange County believe in getting to know you as a client and look out for your best interests by sharing industry trends and feedback from agents  [READ MORE]