Why Shea Anne Studios?


You have a unique look.

The industry is competitive, and you want to stand out to casting directors and agencies.

You know that all you need is an updated headshot.

You want the best headshot photographer near you, but is Shea Anne Studios the right fit?


Let’s talk about it.

Img 7359

Shea Anne has the unique background of not only being an incredible headshot photographer used by celebrities in LA, NY, and in her new hometown, Dallas, Texas, but she has gone the full industry circle.

Shea Anne started her model career in NY under Ford Models and quickly grew to being published and in demand within commercial work for the next decade. Shea Anne went from modeling to working in a competitive agency where she went through submissions all day to find the right look – working with directors, agents, and celebrities.I 2Dnf9Dn M


This experience of being on both the other side of the camera and active within the selection and booking process gives Shea Anne Studios a competitive edge against other photographers.


“You are so patient with kids” – Child Model Parent (let’s be real, so many Child Model Parents that it’s ending up in this blog).


Shea Anne knows the looks, and how to work with her clients to capture the very essence of their personalities. What are you waiting for?


Let’s summarize:

  1. Shea Anne has been full circle within the industry (model -> agent - > photographer (and having a family in the industry, as her children model as well)
  2. Shea Anne has experience in THE triangle: LA, NY, and Dallas
  3. Shea Anne is patient and personable with her clients, capturing unique looks
  4. Shea Anne’s lighting techniques and editing software can make a great photo remarkable
  5. Shea Anne has a pop-up studio, yes – that’s right, she’s mobile in addition to having her own studio in Dallas, Orange County and access to one in New York
  6. Shea Anne loves going to fashion week and her designer clients invite her regularly
  7. Shea Anne has THE vendor list – you need it, she’s got it: wardrobe stylist, hair & make up artists, etc


Now, it’s your turn, are you ready to be noticed?


We book up quickly, check us out on Instagram and Book Now.

When was the last time you updated your headshot?


Img 3844Has it been 6 months to a year since your last headshots?

How often do you need a new headshot?

Having an updated headshot is crucial in this industry! What if you received the call you've been looking for and the headshot you have is outdated?!? A professional headshot shows agencies that you are a professional! Yes, it really is that simple.

Img 3840The perfect kids' headshot will not only capture your child's appearance but also their personality. You want your child's' headshot to be the one that stands out and demands to be noticed. Our photography skill set combined with our experience in the industry are fully at your disposal to guarantee that your headshot is stunning, and not just one of many.

A headshot is an investment in your business and shows agencies that you are a professional.

Img 3843Is a professional headshot worth it?

YES! Ask any of our clients.

We know good lighting from bad lighting and when a situation requires more light, we adjust our camera settings FAST.

Img 3842Our professional photographers know kids like to be active and play around a lot. Let us capture the REAL them! The perfect headshot will not only capture your child’s appearance, but also their personality.

We understand the industry from every angle: model, agent, photographer, mom.

We know different types of photography for different work.

Print work
- More full body shots, hip up, more personality and lifestyle photos. Influencer/ad looking.

Img 3839Theatrical
- Serious, straight onto the camera, eyes should really connect.
You want your headshot to be the one that stands out and demands to be noticed.

Shea Anne Studios photography and longstanding relationships and experience in the industry are fully at your disposal to guarantee that your headshot is stunning, and not just one of many.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Q & A and acting character types with Dallas stylist Ashley


Ashley is a Dallas-based freelance fashion and product stylist represented by The Clutts Agency. She also offers personal styling and virtual styling sessions. Her clients include Neiman Marcus and JCPenney among others, and she loves styling kids/teens!

Website: www.ashleynstyling.com
IG handle @ashleynstyling
Kids portfolio: http://www.ashleynstyling.com/kids/

How long have you been styling?

I have been a stylist since the fall of 2017. So, nearly 2 and a half years.

What does it mean to be a represented stylist?

As a represented stylist, a talent agency represents me and my styling services to their clientele. They serve as the middleman between myself and the client. They talk with the client about what they're needing for a job and then pitch artists for the job based on skillset and experience. After the job is done, the agency bills the client and the stylist gets paid from the agency. The agency makes money by charging a service fee on top of my rate. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

How did you get into styling?

I first interned as a web apparel styling intern at the Anthropologie headquarters in Philadelphia. We had to do an internship as part of my Merchandising degree at the University of North Texas, and I was very fortunate to get that one. I assisted on e-comm sets, supporting Anthro's in-house stylists and working with some of the top models and hair/makeup artists in the industry. After that, I knew I wanted to build up my own portfolio of test work, and get signed with an agency. I returned to Texas and focused on doing that during my senior year at UNT. I signed with Clutts in the fall after I graduated. My first freelance job was styling products at the Neiman Marcus studios.

What are your favorite types of photoshoots to style?

I love to style lifestyle campaign imagery. For example, a new collection of jewelry shown on-model (like Kristen Cavallari does with Uncommon James). Or, perhaps a new collection of clutches/makeup bags and the wardrobe is entirely styled around them. I like the strategy involved in making sure the wardrobe matches the product's brand.

How did you get into styling children?

My agency does kid/teen headshots several times a year, just to keep their roster fresh and up-to-date since they're all growing. We often shoot about 18-20 kids a day on these jobs, so It's much easier and faster to have a stylist dress the kids for their photos as they come in one after another. It's about speed and efficiency. A stylist will be able to create a nice outfit out of whatever is available to them and make sure it's wrinkle-free, age-appropriate and not boring. My agency had me style one of their shoots as the lead stylist, and I've been doing them ever since.

What is a headshot book?

A headshot book is something that Texas agencies often create to provide to their clients, in addition to their website roster of images. It's just a small book they can send to them with headshots of their youth talent, so the client can review it and see if any particular kid/teen will fit the brief for their project.

What are the headshot book photos used for?

It's just another way for the agency to get their kids' photos out there and get them HIRED!

What clothing is best for auditions?

For a general audition, for girls, you can't go wrong with a fitted top in a jewel tone color that compliments either their skin color or eye color. Preferably, choose a solid color with no logo. I love a top with some visual interest at the neckline of shoulders (like ruffles or a lace-up detail) to draw attention up to the face since jewelry isn't preferred. For bottoms, slim-fitting jeans are great either in blue or black denim without much distressing or holes. You could also tuck a top into a skirt to showcase the legs more if you have great legs. Flats or Converse are always a great shoe option that works regardless of age.

For boys, I love a jewel tone t-shirt with a patterned button-down layered over it. Tie the colors in the button-down back to the tee. Layering makes the look a little more special than a plain t-shirt. For boys, also opt for a pair of slim-fit jeans in black or blue with minimal distressed or holes. The client wants to see your shape, even with boys, so try to avoid any pants that are too baggy. Often I see jeans that are too long as well. In that case, you can roll them up a bit to disguise this and also add some stylish flair. For shoes, Vans of Converse are great go-to's.

Sometimes clients will request a self-tape filmed at home or want you to audition in front of them for a specific character. In that case, you can experiment with a more specific wardrobe that would best represent that character. Shea and I thought it would be fun to share examples of some common female character archetypes that you may audition for sometimes.

There are different characters but today the main 3 we’ll cover are:

•  Girl Next Door
•  Mean Girl
•  Quirky Girl

Actingauditionwardrobepic1GIRL NEXT DOOR: You'll want to wear pieces that convey a sense of innocence and optimism. These characters are super relatable in the sense that they make mistakes, but they're generally good-natured with pure intentions. Think of characters such as Lizzie McGuire, Gabrielle Montez in High School Musical, and Teddy Duncan in Good Luck Charlie. They are likable and honest, and often learn lessons that all of us do at some point in our lives. Unlike other types of characters, they accept their lessons with humility and kindness and do not get angry when they realize they've messed up. The last thing this type of character would do is step on others to get to "the top".

Actingauditionwardrobepic2Considering the wardrobe, I recommend wearing pastel or bright, sassy colors for this type of character. Pastels or a hue of pink is great for conve

ying friendliness and innocence. Small to medium-sized floral prints are also ideal. Avoid wearing black at all costs, as this color is better embodied by edgier character types. Try wearing a dress, or a blouse with pants or a skirt. A fitted top layered over a cami is also nice.

In terms of details, try wearing pieces that feature bows, lace, ruffles, or hints of embellishments. If you are going all out for the audition, a girly headband or bow clips are cute accessories. Each of these details suggests an aura of sweetness that is perfect for this character.

One thing to remember is not to go overboard with anything too sparkly or low-cut. These characters do not insist on being "the star" so keep the look lighthearted.

Actingauditionwardrobepic3MEAN GIRL: These characters are all about "me-me-me!" so it's important that this self-absorption and inflated confidence comes across in their look. These types of characters are often manipulative and okay with hurting the feelings of others, as long as they get what they want. Think about characters like Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, Kate Sanders in Lizzie McGuire, or the mean girlfriend and twins in The Cinderella Story. Inside, these characters are often jealous and insecure. An extravagant, well-thought-out outfit that looks shows they care a lot about being judged. Only that kind of person would look absolutely perfect every day. Also, a polished appearance conveys that they do not want to be messed with and are rather snobby. This often makes the audience assume they are wealthy, too.

Actingauditionwardrobepic4When putting together an outfit, look for hot pink pieces, or pieces with loud bling on them. Pearl and jewel embellishments are great! Also, anything hot pink exudes those diva vibes that you're striving for. To convey that stuffy, snobby attitude, pieces with collars and turtlenecks make the character look "buttoned-up" and untouchable to those deemed lesser-than. Another look you can try is a monochromatic look like the twins in The Cinderella Story. For example, a perfectly matching all pink outfit serves double duty. It looks immaculately-planned and conveys the mean girl's self-concern, but it can also make the mean girl look ridiculous (something you want the audience to think).

As for details, you can't go wrong with metallics, sequins, or fur, as this character is confident enough to pull all of those off in everyday life. Hair accessories like berets or plaid headbands also exude that preppy, mean girl vibe.

Actingauditionwardrobepic5QUIRKY GIRL: These characters often come to the rescue of other nice characters, helping them overcome obstacles with their supernormal intelligence, charm, and quick wit. Consumed with learning and experimenting, they don't really care about what others think of them. They simply care about being there when others need them and being their best selves. Think of characters such as Miranda Gomez in Lizzie Mcguire, Lola and Quinn in Zoey 101, and Raven Baxter. They are each rather odd and unique, but they embrace their quirkiness so that it doesn't hold them back as characters.

In terms of wardrobe, it's important that this character comes across as experimental, free-spirited, but also confident. A great way to showcase this is by mixing bold colors, prints and patterns in the outfit, and also layering. For example, you could wear a short sleeve graphic tee layered over a solid long sleeve tee, with leopard print pants. Boho prints like anything tribal-print or bright floral print can also work well. These characters sometimes have an edgy streak too, so you can pull in some black with this character.Actingauditionwardrobepic6

These characters are often overloaded with jewelry accessories to convey their curiosity and obsession with "cool things". However, if you must forgo jewelry for your audition you can instead focus on just the hair. These characters showcase their quirkiness through hairstyles like braids and hair colored-streaks. For your audition, you can showcase the length of your hair by adorning it with a couple of braids and maybe some mismatched barrettes. Wearing a pair of glasses is also a quick way to embody a quirky girl character.

How often should you update your kid’s headshot and/or portfolio?


Ah! We always get asked how often you should update your child’s portfolio. The most universal answer is, it depends on your child or your industry.

Our team of best photographers in Dallas and best photographers in Orange County believe in getting to know you as a client and look out for your best interests by sharing industry trends and feedback from agents in the industry.

Look at your most recent headshot, is this still an accurate representation of what you look like in the mirror? If a casting director or agent called you right now for a dream role or that brand you’ve been dying to represent, would you still fit in that look from the headshot that they selected you from?

This also varies by age –

The younger you start, the more developed your unique features are time over time…

So, how often should you update your kid’s portfolio and/or headshot?

For babies/infants – 5 years old – photograph at these life stages (who doesn’t like looking back at these when we are adults, too) – maybe up to 2-3 times a year

· Sitting

· Standing

· Walking

· Life changes: teething/first teeth, loss of baby fat

· Hair cuts

For kids 5 – 15 years old – the industry recommends updating your professional kids headshot during these transitions ( 1 – 2 times a year):

· Hair cuts

· Hair color

· Weight change

· Height change

· Teeth

· Genuine look – if they don’t look like their last headshot, time to update

Screen Shot 2021 01 29 At 8.44.03 Pm

For professionals:

Try the dating app (ha!) or meeting in public test – ask yourself, if someone was coming to meet me and only had this headshot to refer to, would they recognize me?

Industry standards for unchanged “looks” (IE: hair color, hair length, height, weight, etc) call for a fresh headshot anywhere from 2-3 years – 5 years depending on the industry. If you are in acting or modeling, industry standards recommend every 1-2 years to have a fresh look in front of casting directors. If they see the same photo over a period of time, it appears that there is no progressing (especially with children).

New, fresh looks EXCITE casting directors and agencies!

Alternate reasons to update your professional headshot:

· Agency request certain looks\

o Gothic look

o Leading girl

o Leading boy

o Quirky

o Hipster

o Girl next door,

· Agency request model VS headshot (link to article)

Not certain if it’s time or not? Contact us @ [email protected] and we will be happy to guide you in the direction of the latest headshot trends, tips for headshots, what agencies are looking for, and more.

Whether you are in Dallas looking for an expert local Dallas headshot photographer, in LA or Orange County looking for a talented, local Orange County photographer or even NY looking for a New York headshot specialist, we at Shea Anne Studios have you covered!

Want to know what to wear for your upcoming photoshoots? Check out our article for photoshoot wardrobe tips here!

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Why hire a professional photographer? Top 12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Up and coming child models and child actors have the potential to start their career young! No career starts without a resume – and a professional headshot is just that in the child modeling and child acting industry. Professional headshots by professional photographers set you apart from the competition and can have a drastic impact on whether you are booked or not.

Shea Anne Studios has the unique skill set, connections, and eye from being in the industry as models, booking agents, and now well respected Dallas headshot photographers, Orange County headshot photographers, and New York headshot photographers.


We know the lighting, the looks, and what works to create the best headshots.

These are the top 12 reasons to hire a professional headshot photographer:

1. Equipment

2. Professional Editing

3. Lighting

4. Angles

5. Looks

6. Direction

7. Connections

8. Training

9. Experience

10. Tips

11. Agencies know you’re serious about your career

12. Relationship – long-term.guidance on your journey

We all have smartphones, so why hire a headshot professional? If the above reasons did not seal the deal, let’s just say, we’re here, as your partner on your professional journey. We know our craft and would love to support you on this journey.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the reasons why we recommend hiring a professional photographer.

70265D C0Ac70900Cc74D56A4De73Aa8Ac49C4F Mv2

We all have a smartphone, but not all of us have the means and reason to purchase thousands of dollars worth of professional photography equipment. Does $ matter, no, but quality does- a headshot is worth a thousand words, and using the right equipment to capture the desired look is crucial.

Agencies and casting directors will share what they are looking for, working that into the professional photoshoot to align with their goals is what we are good at. We use our experience with equipment, lighting, angles, right locations, and direction to make that look happen. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see some recent examples!

Gaining direction from the professional photographer will reinforce the training and guidance that you’ve been giving them at home, building up their skill set and confidence in poses, why certain looks need to be practiced, etc.

With over 20 years of experience, there is extreme value in being an artist’s muse and spotlight feature of a photoshoot. The looks, the design, the energy, all combine to perform a unique experience to showcase each unique look and personality.

Working with adults and experienced people can teach them life skills, too: self-confidence, self-esteem, preparation for success – strong work ethic, strong communication skills, a stronger sense of success together. Child modeling and child acting also provide an opportunity to start the child’s saving to be used for trade school, college, and/or setting them up for success for their future.

Hire a professional photographer, there has not been a single person thing that it was a bad idea. Just like working out, once you’ve made it to the gym, conquered your work out goals, and are on your way back to catch up with regular life, it’s rare that you regretted that workout, even if you might not have wanted to do it in the beginning.

Join us for an upcoming booking session – and join our community on Instagram and Facebook to get more tips on headshots and upcoming trends in the industry.

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How do I Get Into Child Modeling? Tips for Starting Your Child Modeling Career!

dallas kids headshot photographer

You have an adorable child, everyone tells you she/he’s should be a child model, and now, it’s time to pursue child modeling, maybe you even ask yourself “how do I get my child into modeling?”70265D Edbef30Bd6C44E799F9D674C04De31D6 Mv2

• Tips for getting your child into modeling

• Could your child be a model?

• What is the best age to start modeling?

• What is the age limit for modeling?

• Can my kid be a model?

• How to be a successful child model?

As a top agency recommended headshot photographer, I’m here to share with you resources to make this the best experience possible!

Let me save you the hours of going down the rabbit hole of google, we’ve done it from a research perspective, and by living and breathing this world for the last 20 years.

70265D C1695F3E1E8D4Aac97E9B4108555Cd75 Mv2My name is Shea Anne, and I started my career in modeling as a young teen in New York for Ford Models

I learned:

• What top modeling agencies look for

• What child model headshots sparked interest and quickly moved through the booking process

• What kid model headshots went in the abyss that is the portal of the forgotten headshots

• Looks that top modeling agencies look for

• How important it was to have a great child headshot

• The importance of working with child model photographers that specialized in headshots

This experience led me to my next career, photography. Not only is photography my career, it’s my passion. I love to make people feel beautiful and make every person feel like they are a model.

So let’s get straight to it: what are the BEST tips for getting my child into child modeling?

1. Decide if you want an agency to represent your child or if you want to self-submit

2. Agency route: research agencies in your area – kids modeling agencies (top Dallas model agencies, top LA modeling agencies, top NY modeling agencies)

TIP! Agencies are usually NOT modeling schools

TIP! You should never have to pay to be represented

3. Submit a natural photo (professional photograph is highly recommended (see why hire a professional photographer blog))

TIP! Key here is natural photo

TIP! When you go for an in-person/Zoom interview – look like your headshot

Jkkids 1136

TIP! Agencies want to see the real you

Good agents and child modeling scouts will look at you and see your potential. Think, blank canvas. They know what they (and their clients) are looking for and

have a talent for being able to see how they can mold your look into various opportunities.

4. Once submitted, agency will call if interested

TIP! You can connect with agencies 2-3 times a year

TIP! Connect with agencies when you have a new headshot

TIP! Agencies LOVE fresh looks!

Check out our guide: How often should you update your child’s portfolio (hyperlink to blog)

OTHER Dieing to know questions – Child modeling Q&A!

Could your child be a model?

Make sure your child is really interested in being in the industry – how to find out, ask them! And then, ask again and test the waters at home, do they love being in front of the camera?

Attitude is key – a patient child is a must. Sometimes jobs are booked for entire days, there’s a lot of waiting… can they stay entertained?

Do they love the camera? Do they enjoy “working the angles”

Can the fake it?! When the director or photographer says, “action” can they go into character?

Do YOU as a parent/role model/caregiver have a flexible schedule?

Is there a best age to start modeling?

Model when you want, when it’s right, when it becomes a passion to pursue. We have new industry models coming out as senior citizens and models starting at infants.

How to be successful as a child model?

1. Work it.

2. Network

3. Keep portfolio updated

4. Be prepared – wardrobe (link to wardrobe)

5. Cooperate and pay attention to detail

Have more burning questions?!? Check out our blog and scroll through popular topics, or email us at [email protected] – how’d we become the best headshot photographer in Dallas, Orange County and New York? We know the right people and take care of our community.

We are here for you – join our community on Instagram! Like Facebook better, click here!

Top child headshot photographer near me-

Top child headshot photographer Dallas,

Top child headshot photographer New York,

Top child headshot photographer Orange County

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Self Submission Process for Child Models (& Actors) – Self Submission VS Using an Agency

Orange County + dallas kids headshot photographer

How to start a child’s modeling career is a process, so we at Shea Anne Studios, are here for you. Things to consider if you would like to self-submit to casting directors, brands, magazines, and more (and a few tips and tricks along the way), and more.

Why this article?

My passion is to make people feel beautiful and make every person (children and adults) feel like a model.

We are here for you as a resource and we love our child models and child actors, and love making them feel beautiful.

Steps for self-submission:

1. Your child model and child actor needs a social media account

Instagram (check out and follow ours here for tips and looks)
Facebook (check out and follow ours here for tips and looks)

Keep these pages active!

PRO TIP! Hashtags!

2. Mom / Dad / Guardian / Model Support - Directly engage your community, brands, clothing companies, and magazines you love and would like to work with – once again – stay active! This is not a “one and done” “check it off the to-do list”, this is a constant process that you must be consistent with.

PRO TIP! Look at the social handle looks
Share photographs that look similar to that style on your page
Hashtag and @ the brand & message directly

PRO TIP! Can you find their scouting or casting directors online?

3. Option – submit to websites, example (www.lacasting.com) that showcases upcoming casting calls

PRO TIP! When submitting to websites, use a professional photographer for your headshots (link to why hire a professional photographer)

4. Keep your child headshots updated (link – how often should you update your portfolio blog)

5. Be supportive – realize that this is an industry where you have to be flexible, support your kid model’s career, be easy and professional to work with, and follow guidelines and suggestions

Want more looks? Ideas? Thoughts? Support? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see latest trends and looks! Want to be notified with more industry blogs – sign up here (hyperlink) to get the latest articles on child modeling, child headshots, upcoming photoshoots, wardrobe tips, and more!

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9 Tips for the Best Professional Headshot Photoshoot

dallas + Orange County Headshots

Whether you are beginning your acting or modeling career or have been working with the top professional headshot photographers for years, preparation makes a good photoshoot a great photoshoot.

Our top headshot photographer in Dallas and top headshot photographer in Orange County have come together to give you the best tips for getting the most out of your professional photoshoot.

Headshot examples always help, and we recommend these tips:

1. Communication, Communication, Communication

Communicate with your agency or your manager prior to scheduled photoshoot. We recommend asking your agency or manager what looks they need you to have. Typically they will ask you for either a theatrical or commercial look. What's the difference?

2021 03 19 0019

· Theatrical: serious shot, more mood
· Commercial: more colorful, happy, bubbly

Please do communicate with your photographer prior to the session your goals and what your agency or manager has shared with you.

2. Wardrobe

Wardrobe can make or break your headshots – check out our headshot wardrobe tips & wardrobe guidelines here

There is so much to consider:

o Right colors VS wrong Colors
o Avoid black (unless your child is going for a goth, bad or troubled kid type of role)
o Fun and bright colors!
o Single colors versus busy patterns

Your wardrobe is the first thing people see, please make sure that you steam, iron, or dry clean all wardrobe clothing. . . There is nothing worse than showcasing yourself with wrinkled, stained, or otherwise messy clothing

Represent you – yourself – ask yourself, does this outfit make me feel good inside and out?!?

3. Accessories
PRO TIP! The best accessory is no accessory at all

4. Hair
PRO TIP! DON”T get a haircut right before – have about a week in for a fresh look

We really recommend to stay AWAY from hair gel for both girls and boys. Hair should be word down and natural for majority of shoot . . Stray away from mohawks, fauxhawks and ponytails

5. Makeup

We want you to look your best – and so do you! Make the absolute most out of this experience by having your makeup done professionally (LINK TO HAIR AND MAKEUP REFERENCE

Your photographer will have people they recommend, I would recommend using whomever your professional photographer uses because there is a relationship already built and expectations of desired looks and industry standards do not have to be explained again (basically, it’s the less risky option)

6. Shoes:

Babies up to 12 months and non-walkers: best shoe is no shoe

Other: keep them simple.

§ Neutral colors
§ Converse
§ Single color (black, navy, gray…)
§ New or new looking

I Q7Rppzr X4

7. When to schedule your photoshoot?

Younger Kid – we all know this, but a friendly reminder is to schedule around nap tap

Show up on time – timing matters! Every moment counts – and professional photographers have a reason for every process – show up on time! You wouldn’t want to waste that perfect moment because the lighting is not quite right…

8. Get a well-rested night of sleep!

Take care to have a fresh face.

9. Stay out of the sun

70265D E31Eb62678B84F39B928874Ec26B69Ee Mv2

We have worked on thousands of photoshoots, and we cannot stress enough how these basic tips for how to prepare for a professional photoshop and tips for getting the most out of your professional headshot photoshoot are for making a successful photoshoot experience! If you follow these wardrobe guidelines and tips , look forward to having a classy, professional headshot photo to show agents and casting directors.

Want more?

Follow us on social (Instagram & Facebook) – gain inspiration on industry trends, see what looks casting directors are requesting, and specials on up and coming photoshoots.

Stay beautiful.
Stay true.
Stay authentic.

We can’t wait to make you look and feel great – like the model and actor you are! Serving Dallas, Texas, Orange County, California, and New York, New York.

I’m a Dallas-based professional photographer with years of headshot and agency experience! We host headshot sessions in Orange County, California, Dallas, Texas and New York, New York, book today!

Modeling Photoshoot vs Headshot Photoshoot

dallas + new york + orange county kids headshot photographer

We get asked all the time, what IS the difference between actor, model, and business headshots? Well, we’ve summed it up for you in this article to give you a quick summary to get that “ah-ha!” moment afterward.

Headshots are a staple in so many different parts of life and business- and as an up and coming child model or up and coming child actor, great headshots are key to getting you in the door and opening another world of opportunities.

Sometimes we want both modeling and professional looks, we are here to guide you in your goals, so let’s talk a little bit about the differences:

Modeling headshots draw artistic, flattering looks where we tend to show a personality. The photos tend to be more flattering, more beauty-focused in general. Make-up can show personality and what style of modeling you like. Typically modeling agencies request both headshots and full-body photos (and lifestyle photos, too). The best modeling photoshoots lead one into certain energy or emotion. Show that energy while you are modeling!

Shea Modeling Pic Scaled

Headshot photoshoots include a different expectation altogether. We have some amazing tips for getting the most out of your headshot photoshoot, tips for photoshoot wardrobe do’s and don’ts, and even understanding agency lingo on our blog (ALL HYPERLINKED). Feel free to cruise around the articles to find all of the resources you need.

Headshots tend to be more up close and personal. The lighting and angles that you will be asked to do with a professional headshot photographer are so important and one of the main reasons why we recommend using a professional.

As far as clothing, headshot clothing tends to be more simple: solid, bold jewel tone colors - see detailed example here.

Headshot Photo Example Shea Anne

Business headshots showcase you, your energy, and your professionalism. We take a different approach to business headshots that allow you to stick out in the crowd of traditional LinkedIn photos – enhancing your ability to own your look and your brand.

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Should I Hire a MakeUp Artist for my Headshot?

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A headshot is an industry resume. Casting directors and booking agents look through hundreds of headshots in order to find the ideal look for a certain gig. What casting directors are looking for in a headshot is a fresh face that can mold into what they are needed.

Would you show up to a job without a resume?

Acting headshots or professional headshots are created to market yourself.

Your headshot will have less than a second to make an impact and decide whether or not you get hired based on your look and how you’ve been represented. Actors, non-actors, models, and even professionals need to have polished representation.

Traditional makeup artists (think retail or department stores) are trained to do makeup for everyday wear, not camera ready, so it is always important to voice that the makeup needs to be for on camera.

Proper makeup artists help perfect the persons’ and/or child's’ natural beauty. They know what makeup is best for on-camera – where to contour to highlight the best features, etc. Makeup artists know what to do to smooth over skin tones and complexions and accent face shapes for the different angles that a professional headshot photographer will use. On the other hand, the wrong makeup can reflect light and is not made camera-ready, risking a poor turnout for the professional headshot.


Think of all the places where you can use your professional headshot:

· Online portfolio

· Media

· Social Media

· Personal Website

· Email

· Casting submission

· Agency submission

· Self-submission

So what do you think, should you hire a makeup artist for your professional headshots?

Shea Anne Studios works with vetted makeup artists that know exactly the look and styles needed for the various types of headshots and modeling looks for photoshoots. As soon as you book your photoshoot session, please book your makeup artist.

If you cannot afford hair and makeup, the best advice is less is more.

If you can budget for a professional makeup artist for your professional headshot, it Is highly recommended in the industry. Child modeling and child acting are extremely competitive and having these extra touches can help set you apart from your competition. See our Instagram for looks and styles of makeup for our different child models and actors.