More Than One Look for Your Headshot

Headshots are intended to present a professional appearance, there is more than one way to make your headshot work. Headshots reflect your personality, your identity, and your brand. However, there is more than one use for a headshot. Headshots can be used for your resume, LinkedIn profile, company directory, an audition, or even just for fun.

Depending on how you plan to use your headshots, you will need to select a look that appeals to your audience. For instance, your company directory may require a more professional look than your LinkedIn profile, which allows for a more relaxed feel.

Check out these examples for different headshot styles and their uses:

Img 6917 wants to give off an inviting and approachable look


2021 09 10 0005to land a CEO position in a law firm or other large company

The possibilities are endless, so determine how your headshots will be used and select the look you need. No matter what you decide, be sure to let your individual personality shine through each image!

Why hire a professional photographer? Top 12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Up and coming child models and child actors have the potential to start their career young! No career starts without a resume – and a professional headshot is just that in the child modeling and child acting industry. Professional headshots by professional photographers set you apart from the competition and can have a drastic impact on whether you are booked or not.

Shea Anne Studios has the unique skill set, connections, and eye from being in the industry as models, booking agents, and now well respected Dallas headshot photographers, Orange County headshot photographers, and New York headshot photographers.


We know the lighting, the looks, and what works to create the best headshots.

These are the top 12 reasons to hire a professional headshot photographer:

1. Equipment

2. Professional Editing

3. Lighting

4. Angles

5. Looks

6. Direction

7. Connections

8. Training

9. Experience

10. Tips

11. Agencies know you’re serious about your career

12. Relationship – long-term.guidance on your journey

We all have smartphones, so why hire a headshot professional? If the above reasons did not seal the deal, let’s just say, we’re here, as your partner on your professional journey. We know our craft and would love to support you on this journey.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the reasons why we recommend hiring a professional photographer.

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We all have a smartphone, but not all of us have the means and reason to purchase thousands of dollars worth of professional photography equipment. Does $ matter, no, but quality does- a headshot is worth a thousand words, and using the right equipment to capture the desired look is crucial.

Agencies and casting directors will share what they are looking for, working that into the professional photoshoot to align with their goals is what we are good at. We use our experience with equipment, lighting, angles, right locations, and direction to make that look happen. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see some recent examples!

Gaining direction from the professional photographer will reinforce the training and guidance that you’ve been giving them at home, building up their skill set and confidence in poses, why certain looks need to be practiced, etc.

With over 20 years of experience, there is extreme value in being an artist’s muse and spotlight feature of a photoshoot. The looks, the design, the energy, all combine to perform a unique experience to showcase each unique look and personality.

Working with adults and experienced people can teach them life skills, too: self-confidence, self-esteem, preparation for success – strong work ethic, strong communication skills, a stronger sense of success together. Child modeling and child acting also provide an opportunity to start the child’s saving to be used for trade school, college, and/or setting them up for success for their future.

Hire a professional photographer, there has not been a single person thing that it was a bad idea. Just like working out, once you’ve made it to the gym, conquered your work out goals, and are on your way back to catch up with regular life, it’s rare that you regretted that workout, even if you might not have wanted to do it in the beginning.

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Should I Hire a MakeUp Artist for my Headshot?

LA + dallas Kids headshot photographer

A headshot is an industry resume. Casting directors and booking agents look through hundreds of headshots in order to find the ideal look for a certain gig. What casting directors are looking for in a headshot is a fresh face that can mold into what they are needed.

Would you show up to a job without a resume?

Acting headshots or professional headshots are created to market yourself.

Your headshot will have less than a second to make an impact and decide whether or not you get hired based on your look and how you’ve been represented. Actors, non-actors, models, and even professionals need to have polished representation.

Traditional makeup artists (think retail or department stores) are trained to do makeup for everyday wear, not camera ready, so it is always important to voice that the makeup needs to be for on camera.

Proper makeup artists help perfect the persons’ and/or child's’ natural beauty. They know what makeup is best for on-camera – where to contour to highlight the best features, etc. Makeup artists know what to do to smooth over skin tones and complexions and accent face shapes for the different angles that a professional headshot photographer will use. On the other hand, the wrong makeup can reflect light and is not made camera-ready, risking a poor turnout for the professional headshot.


Think of all the places where you can use your professional headshot:

· Online portfolio

· Media

· Social Media

· Personal Website

· Email

· Casting submission

· Agency submission

· Self-submission

So what do you think, should you hire a makeup artist for your professional headshots?

Shea Anne Studios works with vetted makeup artists that know exactly the look and styles needed for the various types of headshots and modeling looks for photoshoots. As soon as you book your photoshoot session, please book your makeup artist.

If you cannot afford hair and makeup, the best advice is less is more.

If you can budget for a professional makeup artist for your professional headshot, it Is highly recommended in the industry. Child modeling and child acting are extremely competitive and having these extra touches can help set you apart from your competition. See our Instagram for looks and styles of makeup for our different child models and actors.