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9 Tips for the Best Professional Headshot Photoshoot

dallas + Orange County HeadshotsWhether you are beginning your acting or modeling career or have been working with the top professional headshot photographers for years, preparation makes a good photoshoot a great photoshoot. Our top headshot photographer in Dallas and top headshot photographer in Orange County have come together to give you the best tips for getting the most out of your professional photoshoot. Headshot  [READ MORE]

Modeling Photoshoot vs Headshot Photoshoot

dallas + new york + orange county kids headshot photographerWe get asked all the time, what IS the difference between actor, model, and business headshots? Well, we’ve summed it up for you in this article to give you a quick summary to get that “ah-ha!” moment afterward. Headshots are a staple in so many different parts of life and business- and as an up and  [READ MORE]

Should I Hire a MakeUp Artist for my Headshot?

LA + dallas Kids headshot photographerA headshot is an industry resume. Casting directors and booking agents look through hundreds of headshots in order to find the ideal look for a certain gig. What casting directors are looking for in a headshot is a fresh face that can mold into what they are needed. Would you show up to a job without a resume? Acting headshots  [READ MORE]