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How often should you update your kid’s headshot and/or portfolio?

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Ah! We always get asked how often you should update your child’s portfolio. The most universal answer is, it depends on your child or your industry.

Our team of best photographers in Dallas and best photographers in Orange County believe in getting to know you as a client and look out for your best interests by sharing industry trends and feedback from agents in the industry.

Look at your most recent headshot, is this still an accurate representation of what you look like in the mirror? If a casting director or agent called you right now for a dream role or that brand you’ve been dying to represent, would you still fit in that look from the headshot that they selected you from?

This also varies by age –

The younger you start, the more developed your unique features are time over time…

So, how often should you update your kid’s portfolio and/or headshot?

For babies/infants – 5 years old – photograph at these life stages (who doesn’t like looking back at these when we are adults, too) – maybe up to 2-3 times a year

· Sitting

· Standing

· Walking

· Life changes: teething/first teeth, loss of baby fat

· Hair cuts

For kids 5 – 15 years old – the industry recommends updating your professional kids headshot during these transitions ( 1 – 2 times a year):

· Hair cuts

· Hair color

· Weight change

· Height change

· Teeth

· Genuine look – if they don’t look like their last headshot, time to update

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For professionals:

Try the dating app (ha!) or meeting in public test – ask yourself, if someone was coming to meet me and only had this headshot to refer to, would they recognize me?

Industry standards for unchanged “looks” (IE: hair color, hair length, height, weight, etc) call for a fresh headshot anywhere from 2-3 years – 5 years depending on the industry. If you are in acting or modeling, industry standards recommend every 1-2 years to have a fresh look in front of casting directors. If they see the same photo over a period of time, it appears that there is no progressing (especially with children).

New, fresh looks EXCITE casting directors and agencies!

Alternate reasons to update your professional headshot:

· Agency request certain looks\

o Gothic look

o Leading girl

o Leading boy

o Quirky

o Hipster

o Girl next door,

· Agency request model VS headshot (link to article)

Not certain if it’s time or not? Contact us @ [email protected] and we will be happy to guide you in the direction of the latest headshot trends, tips for headshots, what agencies are looking for, and more.

Whether you are in Dallas looking for an expert local Dallas headshot photographer, in LA or Orange County looking for a talented, local Orange County photographer or even NY looking for a New York headshot specialist, we at Shea Anne Studios have you covered!

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