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Wardrobe Tips

After you have scheduled your headshot appointment, there are a few important choices to make, and one of the most important ones is deciding what you or your child will wear for their headshot photos.

Your wardrobe can make or break your headshots.

Read that again.

You want to choose what highlights your best features, and preparation is key. Always share a few different options to your photographer in advance

(Recommended to send 7 days ahead of scheduled photoshoot)

Follow these wardrobe guidelines to ensure that your headshots showcase all your best features.

Sounds simple right? But you’d be surprised how many people forget to find out if they are looking for certain looks.
The wrong colors can make your child look washed out or like they are glowing.

AVOID (Unless requested for a role or look by your manager or acting agency):
Baby Colors

Fun and vibrant colors are where it’s at!
Stick to the jewel tones, such as turquoise, royal blue, dark purple, green, or red.
Some other great color choices are yellow, navy, orange, or coral.
Dark washed denim is also a safe bet.
Once you decide on a color, make sure it is a solid color.

Patterns such as polka dots, gingham, hearts, etc. do NOT photograph well. If your child’s wardrobe is too busy, it will take away from their features.

Collared shirts can be a good choice, as well as a button-up plaid shirt layered over a bright shirt.


The above could open the door to being a conflict of interest for an agent or a role.

In addition, overalls, bows, suits, and hats are a few other wardrobe choices that do not belong in a headshot photo.
If your child is under 12 months old, be sure to make them look their age.

A baby boy should not be wearing a collared shirt.
A baby girl (or non-walkers) should not wear a dress.
Dresses tend to cover their entire legs and sometimes feet, causing them to look like a fabric sack with toes hanging out.

Clients need to be able to see their bodies for sizing and fitting purposes.

For babies up to the age of 12 months, and non-walkers, the best shoe choice is no shoes.

Bare feet are best on babies.

For all other ages, keep the shoes simple.

Choose plain black shoes, or another neutral color such as navy or grey. Converse are great and are also great for auditions. Just like with the clothing, though, be sure that your child’s shoes are new or at least clean and new looking.
We recommend at least (recommended at least 7 days prior to your photoshoot) to reach out to your photographer with a few final wardrobe options you have selected to gain insight.
Regardless of what you choose for your child’s wardrobe, PLEASE be sure that it is steamed/ironed/dry-cleaned and stain-free.

There is nothing worse than getting a headshot with wrinkled, stained, or otherwise messy clothing.
Now that you have chosen an outfit, let’s move on to accessories. When it comes to headshot photos, the best accessories are no accessories.

This means no earrings, teething necklaces, gold chains, bracelets, or jewelry of any kind.
How you style your child’s hair is also particularly important.

We do recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done
For both boys and girls, stay away from hair gel.

Yes, stay away from hair gel.

Gel and other hair products tend to look wet in photos, which just makes your child look sweaty. Casting directors and photographers need to see what they are working with, so hair should always be worn down and natural for the majority of the shoot.

Boys should stay away from fauxhawks and mohawks, and girls should stay away from ponytails.

An exception would be for a baby girl with a ton of hair. In that case, a small barrette or thin headband is acceptable for some of the photos.
Ultimately this professional headshot is going to represent you. Make sure you love what you are wearing, the confidence will light up the camera!
Modeling Portfolio Special Choose clothing from our wardrobe closet - Wardrobe Tips

“Remember, when in doubt, keep it simple. If you follow these wardrobe guidelines, your child is sure to have classy, professional headshot photos to show agents and casting directors.”
— Shea Anne

We have worked on thousands of photoshoots, and we cannot stress enough how these basic tips for how to prepare for a professional photoshop and tips for getting the most out of your professional headshot photoshoot are for making a successful photoshoot experience! If you follow these wardrobe guidelines and tips, look forward to having a classy, professional headshot photo to show agents and casting directors.

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